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TCfW Communication Server Client

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3.1.21 Print

This command allows you to print the current message to a selected printer. (See the KCS Clients
Administrator’s Manual.)

3.1.22 Printer Setup

This command is used to select the printer and print options. (See the KCS Clients

Administrator’s Manual.)

3.1.23 Exit

This command closes the application. There is a possibility to cancel the closing process if there are

messages waiting to be sent.


Edit Menu

The Edit menu contains features for message layout.



This command is used to remove a selected page or attachment from a message. You can also remove a

text box from a message, including all of its contents, by placing the cursor in the text box and clicking the

Delete icon on the toolbar.


Edit Page

This function depends on the kind of object selected.

If an image page is selected: Converts the selected attachment to the format specified in the
configuration and starts the application associated with the extension of the file name. If the standard
configuration is used, the graphic format will be bitmap and the associated extension will be .BMP.
Which application is linked to this extension is defined within Windows. In a standard Windows
installation for example, Paintbrush is linked to the .BMP extension. In other words, in most Kofax
Systems, the selected image page will be converted to bitmap format and Paintbrush will be started.

If an imported file is selected: TCfW starts the application, that matches the file‘s extension, provided
the type of object chosen is linked to an application and the application is available on the workstation.

If an attached message is selected: TCfW opens the selected message.