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TCfW Communication Server Client

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4.16.8 Properties Dialog (Text Frame Only)

When you select Properties from the shortcut menu a dialog box showing the annotation properties opens.

Properties are only available on the shortcut menu when the current frame is a text frame. Frames

containing image do not have additional properties.

You can set the following properties:

Background: White, Transparent

Border: Size in points

Font Dialog: Face, Style, Size

4.17 Printing in TCfW

Select either Print or Printer Setup from the Message menu to change print settings before printing. You

can select a new printer, define number of copies, and specify a variety of other print options. Any changes

you make in either of these dialog boxes are only valid for your current TCfW session.

Click the Print icon on the toolbar.

4.18 Sending via Telex or Other Text-Based Services

Messages typed into the message area of the message window can be sent as pure text messages. If the

message contains binary or graphical attachments, these will not be transmitted.

To help you send non-fax messages, KCS offers service-dependent templates, so even X.400 addressing
is easy. All you need to do is fill in these templates. (See 5.2 Recipient )

4.19 Using Cover Sheets

A cover sheet is the first page of a message. It generally contains an overlay, such as your company logo,

and merge values, which allow you to insert specific codes that are then replaced with the corresponding

values when sent. If your cover sheet in TCfW contains the string