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TCfW Communication Server Client

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Note: Merge values work only in cover sheets.

Default Template

When you click the New button, the default template is used. To change templates, you have to select New

Select Template from the Message menu to open the Select Template dialog box. Any document you

select from here will be used as a template for all subsequent messages until you change the default again.
The caption ―Untitled‖ will appear at the top of the message. (See also 4.20 Using Default Templates.)

Message List

This contains a list of messages. Double-click an entry in this list to select it and close the window. Click an

entry once to display information about the file or message in the fields above the list.


Save Attachment As

This command saves a selected attachment in a directory. After you have specified a file name and the
directory where you want to save the attachment, select an output format in the ‗Save as type‘ drop down
list. This works only with binary, image and text attachments, but not with messages attached from folders

on the Kofax Communication Server.

Save as Type: Drop Down List

The drop down list specifies the output format for the attachment.

Image attachments (TCI)