UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Exchanging Messages and Using Outlook

Begin entering a name or phone number in the provided text box until the contact you

want is displayed. To show all contacts again, tap the text box and clear the text, or tap

the arrow to the right of the text box.
- or -

Use the alphabetical index displayed at the top of the contact list.
- or -
Filter the list by categories. In the contact list, tap Menu > Filter. Then tap a category

you’ve assigned to a contact. To show all contacts again, select

All Contacts.

To find a contact online

In addition to having contacts on your device, you can also access contact information

from your organization’s Global Address List (GAL). GAL is the address book that contains

all user, group, and distribution list e-mail addresses of your organization, and it is stored

on the Exchange Server. By having direct online access to it from your device, it is quick

and easy for you to plan a meeting and e-mail a meeting request immediately to anyone in

your organization.
Access to the GAL is available if your organization is running Microsoft Exchange Server

2003 SP2 and you have completed your first synchronization with the Exchange Server.


Synchronize with Exchange Server if you have never done so.



Start > Contacts > Menu > View By > Name.


Do any of the following:
In Contacts, tap Menu > Find Online.
In a new message, tap the To box. Tap Menu > Add Recipient > Menu > Find