The qwerty keyboard – UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Getting Started

The QWERTY keyboard

Your device provides you with a


keyboard, which is similar to a standard

keyboard on your PC. To use the hardware keyboard, slide the main screen rightward to

reveal the keyboard. The screen orientation will change to landscape when the keyboard

is revealed.

You can do the following with the hardware keyboard:
To type lowercase letters, press the keys using your thumbs or fingers.

To use all uppercase letters, press

first, and then


To type a single uppercase letter, press

and then press the corresponding key.

To enter a number or symbol (labeled on the top left of each key in red), press


then press the corresponding key.

Press the Left/Right SOFT KEY

to perform the command shown on the bottom of

the screen.


to verify your data entries or exit the program in use.


to open the Start menu.

Press the arrow keys

for directional movement.

To choose a word that is being predicted, press

to select. Then press

to finish

the selection and add a space..