4 starting up – UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Managing Your Pocket PC Phone


Entering and displaying owner information are best practices; they allow someone to

return the device to you in case it is lost.


If owner information is displayed on the Today screen, you can open and edit the

information directly from the Today screen. Just tap that section of the screen.

To choose how to be notified about events or actions


Start > Settings > Personal tab > Sounds & Notifications.


On the

Sounds tab, choose how you want to be notified by selecting the appropriate

check boxes.


On the

Notifications tab, in Event, tap an event name and choose how you want to

be notified by selecting the appropriate check boxes. You can choose from several

options, such as a special sound, a message, or a flashing light.


Turning off sounds and the flash light helps conserve battery power.

To adjust the speed for scrolling

Pressing and holding NAVIGATION up or down (Up/Down control) scrolls through the

items in a list.



Start > Settings > Personal tab > Buttons > Up/Down Control tab.


Do one of the following:
Under Delay before first repeat, move the slider to shorten or lengthen the time

that elapses before scrolling begins.

- or -
To change the time it takes to scroll from one item to the next, under Repeat rate,

move the slider to adjust the speed.

To find the operating system version number and detailed device information

Tap Start > Settings > System tab > About.

Version tab displays the operating system information and important device

information, including the type of processor and the amount of memory that is installed.