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Using Other Applications

9.1 Word Mobile

Word Mobile is a streamlined version of Microsoft Word. Word documents created

on your PC can be opened and edited on your device. You can also create and edit

documents and templates in Word Mobile and save them as

*.doc, *.rtf, *.txt, and *.dot

You can have only one document open at a time. When you open a second document, the

first one is saved and closed automatically.
When you close a newly created document, it is automatically named after the first several

words in the document and placed in the Word Mobile document list. You can easily

rename the document with a more meaningful name and move it to another folder or a

storage card.

To create a file

In Word Mobile, tap



You’ll see either a blank document or template, depending on what you’ve selected as

the default template.


Enter text as desired.


When finished, tap

OK to save the file.

Unsupported features in Word Mobile

Word Mobile does not fully support some features of Microsoft Word such as revision

marks and password protection. Some data and formatting may be lost when you save the

document on your device.
The following features are not supported in Word Mobile.
Shapes and text boxes
Artistic page borders
Smart tags