Use the options screen – UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Entering and Searching Information



Use the Options screen

You can customize various behaviors for Phone Pad, including the language database on

the Options screen. To access the Phone Pad Options screen, do any of the following:
Tap and hold

on the keypad.

Tap the Input Panel icon at the bottom of the screen, and tap Options. Then, on the

Input Method tab of the Input screen, tap Options.

The Options screen provides you with the following check boxes to setup:
Turn on one-touch symbol entry. Select this check box to choose one symbol at a


Auto-hide matching word list. Select this check box to hide the wordlist after you

choose a word.

Turn on screen tap sound. Select this check box to play a sound each time you tap a


Automatically add a space after selecting a word. Select this check box to add a

space automatically at the end of every word.

Enable pop-up menu for deleting user-defined words. Select this check box to

display a pop-up (shortcut) menu whenever you tap a word that is in the user database.



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