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1.2 Battery Information

Your device contains a rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery. Your device is designed to

use only manufacturer-specified original batteries and accessories. Battery performance

depends on many factors, including your wireless service provider’s network configuration,

signal strength, the temperature of the environment in which you operate your device, the

features and/or settings you select and use, items attached to your device’s connecting

ports, and your voice, data, and other program usage patterns.
Battery life estimates (approximations):

2.5 – 5


Standby time: up to




To reduce risk of fire or burns:

Do not attempt to open, disassemble, or service the battery pack.

Do not crush, puncture, short external contacts, or dispose of in fire or water.

Do not expose to temperatures above 60˚C (140˚F).

Replace only with the battery pack designated for this product.

Recycle or dispose of used battery as stipulated by local regulation.

Install and charge the battery

Before you can use your device, you need to install and charge the battery. To install the

battery, remove the battery cover first, and then insert the battery by aligning the exposed

copper part of the battery pack with the protruding copper conductor. Then, gently push

the battery into place, and replace the battery cover.
Some batteries perform best after several full charge/discharge cycles. The time needed

to fully charge the battery is less than 4 hours. You can charge the battery by:
Connecting your device directly to an external power source.
Plugging the device sync cable into the USB port on your PC.