Use shortcuts in camera mode – UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Experiencing Multimedia



The available capture modes of the camera are as follows:
Photo: Captures standard still images.
Video: Captures video clips, with or without accompanying audio.
Contacts Picture: Captures a still image and gives you the option to immediately

assign it to a Photo ID for a contact.

Picture Theme: Captures still images and places them within frames.
Panorama: Captures a sequence of still images continuously in one direction, and

allows stitching of all images to create a collage.

Sport: Captures a sequence of still images (5 ~ 30) automatically for a short duration

at a defined frequency.

Burst: Captures a sequence of still images (maximum 30) as long as CAMERA on the

device or ENTER on the NAVIGATION is kept pressed.

File formats supported

Using the above capture modes, the camera in your device captures files in the following


Capture type


Still image



MPEG-4, Motion-JPEG AVI (.avi), 3GPP2

Burst / Sport


Use shortcuts in Camera mode

While in Camera mode, you can use the following buttons and icons on your device as a

shortcut when performing operations.

The ENTER button

Press ENTER on the NAVIGATION to take a picture when you are capturing still image.

Press this button to start recording an incoming video stream; press it again to stop