UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

Page 132

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Using Other Applications



Zoom settings. Are not retained. Excel supports a per worksheet zoom setting, while

the Excel Mobile zoom setting is applied to the entire workbook.

Worksheet names. Names that reference worksheets within the same workbook are

displayed accurately, but names that refer to other workbooks, arrays, for example,

={1;2;3;4}, array formulas, or intersection ranges are removed from the name list.

If a name is removed from the list, it is left in formulas and functions, causing those

formulas to be resolved as “#NAME?” All hidden names are not hidden.

AutoFilter settings. Are removed. However, you can use the AutoFilter command

in Excel Mobile to perform similar functions. If you have an AutoFilter applied to a

worksheet that causes rows to be hidden, the rows remain hidden when the file is

opened in Excel Mobile. Use the

Unhide command to display the hidden rows

Chart formatting. All charts will be saved the way they are shown in Excel Mobile.

Unsupported chart types are changed to one of these supported types: Column, Bar,

Line, Pie, Scatter, and Area. Background colors, gridlines, data labels, trend lines,

shadows, 3D effects, secondary axes, and logarithmic scales are turned off.

Worksheet features. The following features are not supported in Excel Mobile and are

removed or modified when a workbook is opened on the device: hidden sheets are not

hidden; VBA modules, macro sheets, and dialog sheets are removed and replaced with

a place holder sheet; text boxes, drawing objects, pictures, lists, conditional formats,

and controls are removed; pivot table data is converted to values.

To get more help about Excel Mobile

When in Excel Mobile, tap Start > Help.