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Exchanging Messages and Using Outlook

7.1 E-mail and Text Messages

Messaging is where all of your e-mail accounts and your text message account are

located. You can send and receive Outlook e-mail, Internet e-mail through an Internet

service provider (ISP), and text messages. You can also access e-mail from work using a

VPN connection. For more information about e-mail and text messages, see Help on the


Set up Outlook e-mail

When starting ActiveSync on your computer for the first time, the Synchronization

Setup Wizard prompts you to set up a synchronization relationship. This allows you to

synchronize Outlook e-mail and other information between your device and your computer

or the Exchange Server. If you have already set up synchronization through the wizard,

then your device is ready to send and receive Outlook e-mail.
If you have not set up a synchronization relationship yet, do the following to set up your

device to synchronize Outlook e-mail:


To synchronize remotely, you need to set up and connect to an over-the-air connection

(such as the dial-up connection). For details, follow the procedures in “Connecting to

the Internet” in Chapter 6.


Disconnect your device from your computer or LAN. (If you have an over-the-air

connection, there is no need to disconnect).



Start > Programs > ActiveSync.


If you want to synchronize e-mails directly with the Exchange Server on a private

network such as your corporate network, follow the steps in “To synchronize directly

with Exchange Server” in Chapter 4.


Choose which information types to synchronize. Make sure E-mail is selected. For

details, follow the steps in “To change which information is synchronized” in Chapter 4.

Whenever you want to manually send or receive Outlook e-mail on your device, just

connect your device to your computer, LAN, or over-the-air connection, then tap

Sync on

the ActiveSync screen or tap

Menu > Send/Receive in Outlook on your device.

For details about scheduling automatic synchronization or setting a synchronization time

with the Exchange Server, see “Schedule synchronization with Exchange Server” in

Chapter 4.