UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

Page 60

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Managing Your Pocket PC Phone



To change the device name


Start > Settings > System tab > About > Device ID tab.


Enter a name.

The device name must begin with a letter, consist of letters from A to Z, numbers from 0 to

9, and cannot contain spaces. Use the underscore character to separate words.

Why is the device name important?

The device name is used to identify the device in the following situations:
Synchronizing with a PC
Connecting to a network
Restoring information from a backup


If you synchronize multiple devices with the same PC, each device must have a unique


To make the battery last longer

The device battery power lasts based on the battery type and how you use your device.

Try the following to help preserve battery life:
Tap Start > Settings > System tab > Power. On the Advanced tab, you can specify

when your device turns off to conserve battery power. For optimum conservation,

specify 3 minutes or less.

Use the AC adapter to plug your device into external power whenever possible,

especially when using a miniSD card or when using a modem or other peripherals.

Adjust the backlight settings.

To adjust the brightness of the backlight


Start > Settings > System tab > Backlight > Brightness tab.


Move the sliders right to increase and left to decrease the brightness.