Manage screen settings – UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Getting Started

Manage screen settings

The device touch screen has three orientation modes: Portrait, Landscape (right-handed),

and Landscape (left-handed). Portrait mode allows you to get a better view or a better

operation of certain programs on your device, while Landscape mode may be optimal for

viewing longer text files.
To change the orientation, tap Start > Settings > System tab > Screen, and select the

orientation you want: Portrait, Landscape (right-handed), or Landscape (left-handed).

Or, you can simply tap the Display Mode icon on Today screen to change the display


Portrait mode

Landscape mode

To smooth the edges of screen fonts for many programs, on the ClearType tab, select


Enable ClearType check box.

To increase the readability or to see more content on the screen, on the Text Size tab,

adjust the text size by moving the slider.