2 making a call, Adjust the device volume, Make a call from phone – UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Using Phone Features



Adjust the device volume


Tap the Speaker icon



Under Volume, adjust the phone volume ( ) or device

volume ( ) by moving the slider to the desired volume

level or tap

On, Vibrate, or Off to change both the system

and ringer volume settings.


To adjust the conversation phone volume, you must do it during a call. Adjusting the

volume at another time will affect the ring, notification, and MP3 sound levels.

When you enable Vibrate mode, sound will automatically be muted and the device will

vibrate when an incoming call is received. The Vibrate icon (

) will appear in the title

bar to indicate that Vibrate mode is enabled.

3.2 Making a Call

With your device, you can make a call from Phone, Contacts, Call History, and Speed Dial.

Make a call from Phone

On the Phone keypad, tap the desired phone number, and


Talk at the lower right of the screen.


If you tap a wrong number, tap the

Back arrow to erase individual numbers one at a time.

To delete all the numbers, tap and hold the

Back arrow.