UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

Page 111

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Experiencing Multimedia

The NAVIGATION control

Press NAVIGATION up or down to increase or decrease the zoom level.
Press NAVIGATION left or right to go to the previous or next sequential capture mode.

The CAMERA button

Press and hold the CAMERA button on the device for two seconds to switch to Camera

mode. If already in Camera mode, press once to take a still image or to start recording a

video clip.

Camera mode icons

Current time indicator. The time indicator tells you the current time (for example, the

time shown in the previous screenshot is


Remaining information indicator. The film icon (

) displays the remaining,

available shots of pictures based on current settings.

Resolution indicator. The resolution icon ( / / / / ) indicates the current


Ambience indicator. The ambience icon (






) indicates the

current ambience.

Zoom-Ratio indicator. Tapping the up/down arrow ( / ) on the screen allows you

to zoom in and zoom out.

Mode Switching button. Tapping the left/right arrow ( / ) on the screen allows

you to switch the capture mode.

Self-Time indicator. The timer icon (

) indicates the current setting of Self-Timer

while capturing images or videos.

Previous/Next Template button. In Picture Theme mode, tap the template selector

icon (


) to display the previous/next sequential template.

Reset Status button. In Panorama mode, tap the reset icon (

) to stop the current

Panorama capture progress and revert to normal preview. The

icon appears if


Auto-stitch the snapped images while in Panorama mode check box on the

Camera Settings screen is not be selected.

Camera Settings. Tap the tool icon (

) to open the Camera Settings screen. Tap

OK to return to Camera mode.