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Entering and Searching Information

The Transcriber toolbar

The Transcriber toolbar, which appears at the bottom of the screen when Transcriber is

open, provides easy access to several tools, Enter, Space, and Backspace buttons, and

Left and Right arrow buttons.


Open the

Options dialog box, where you can set options such as writing

direction, text entry, and shorthand.

Letter Shapes, where you can set your personal writing styles to

maximize recognition.
Use the onscren keyboard to quickly enter numbers, punctuation, and

other symbols.

Change the character recognition mode.

a mode. This is the default for optimum handwriting recognition.

123 mode. Numbers and some letters are allowed and the calculator is


A mode. All letters are automatically capitalized.

If you are in

A or 123 mode, recognition returns automatically to the default

mode once you lift the stylus.
Insert a space at the cursor.
Insert a paragraph return at the cursor.
Move the cursor one space to the left.
Move the cursor one space to the right.
Move the cursor one space back and erase any text.
Open Transcriber Help.