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Experiencing Multimedia



8.3 Using Windows Media Player

You can use Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 Mobile for Pocket PC to play digital

audio and video files that are stored on your device or on a network, such as on a Web

Using Windows Media Player, you can play both audio and video files. These are the

following file formats that are supported by this version of Windows Media Player.

Supported video file

Supported audio file

File formats

• Windows Media Video

• MPEG4 Simple Profile

• H.263

• Motion JPEG

• 3GPP2

File extensions

*.wmv, *.asf





Supported audio files

• Windows Media Audio

• MP3


• AMR Narrow Band

• AMR Wide Band


• 3GPP2

File extensions



*.mid, *.midi, *.rmi





About the controls

The following are available controls on the Windows Media Player.

This control

Does this

This control

Does this


Plays/pauses a file.


Increases/decreases the

volume level.

Skips to the next file.

Turns the sound on or off.

Skips to the beginning of the

current file or to the previous


Displays a video by using the

entire screen (full screen).

Adjusts the playback

progress of a selected file.

Displays a Web site where

you can find music and

videos to play.