Transcriber gestures – UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Entering and Searching Information

To write using Transcriber

In a program, position the cursor where you want text to appear.


Use the stylus to write anywhere on the screen. The handwriting will be converted to

text shortly after you lift the stylus from the screen.

To enter punctuation and symbols

Transcriber comes with an on-screen keyboard that provides an easy way to add

punctuation or a special symbol to existing text.
In a program, tap

on the Transcriber toolbar. The keyboard remains visible until

you tap the button again.


To reposition the keyboard, tap and hold the title bar, then drag to the desired location.

When no text is selected, you can also open the keyboard by doing the gesture.

To edit text

In a program, draw a line across the text you want to edit.


After you lift the stylus from the screen, the line will disappear and the selected text will

be highlighted.


Do either of the following:
Rewrite the text.
Use gestures to capitalize letters, insert a space, and so on. For information about

using gestures, see “Transcriber Gestures” in this chapter.

Transcriber Gestures

Use quick strokes of the stylus to edit your text or to insert returns, spaces, or tabs.


You can also use the

Enter, Space, and Backspace buttons on the Transcriber toolbar.