Use still image capture modes – UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Experiencing Multimedia



Flash. Tap the flash icon to turn on/off the flash light. The

icon indicates the flash

light is turned on; the

icon indicates the flash light is turned off.

Picture Viewer. Tap the viewer icon (

) to view the picture or video in Pictures &


Exit. Tap the exit icon (

) to exit the Camera program.

Review mode icons

Back to Preview. Tap

to go back to Camera mode to capture an image.

Send. Tap

to send the captured image to someone via e-mail.

Delete. Tap

to remove the captured image.

View in Pictures. Tap

to switch to Pictures & Videos program. The captured image

will be displayed in the Detailed View.

View in Windows Media. In Video capture mode, tap

to switch to Windows Media

Player to play back the new video you just recorded.

Assign to Contacts. Tap

to send the new file immediately to a contact in the

contact list.

Use Still Image capture modes

While using Still Image capture modes, such as

Photo, Contacts Picture, Picture

Theme, Panorama, Sport, and Burst, you can capture still image(s) by pressing

CAMERA on the device or ENTER on the NAVIGATION control. The Still Image capture

modes support either BMP or JPEG format, as specified by you on the Camera Settings

While capturing an image in the Picture Theme capture mode, you can select a built-in

template from the default template folder. To browse and select different templates, tap the

template selector icon or tool icon to select a template from the Camera Settings screen.