1 getting to know your device and its accessories, 1 using camera and camcorder, Use the camera – UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Experiencing Multimedia

8.1 Using Camera and Camcorder

Taking photos and recording video clips along with audio is easy with your device’s built-in


To switch to any of the Camera modes

Tap Start > Programs > Camera.
- or -
Tap Start > Programs > Pictures & Videos >

Camera icon.

- or -
Press and hold the CAMERA button on the

device for two seconds.

To exit the Camera

Tap the exit icon (


- or -
Press OK on the device.

Use the camera

The camera on your device allows you to capture pictures and video clips by using various

built-in modes with flexibility. The Camera mode is set to the

Photo capture mode by

default. The lower right corner of the screen displays the active capture mode. To switch to

other capture modes:
Tap or on the screen.
- or -
Press NAVIGATION left or right.