Use the camera settings screen – UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Experiencing Multimedia

Use the Camera Settings screen

While capturing a still image or video clip using any capture

mode, tap the tool icon (

) to access the Camera Settings

screen. The Camera Settings screen allows you to configure

the capture settings.

You can configure the following settings on the Camera Settings screen.


Allows you to

Capture mode

Select a capture mode.

Capture format

Select a capture format.

Capture size

Select a capture size.

Capture frequency

Select a capture frequency.

Record limitation

Specify the maximum time or file size for recording.


Select a template.


Navigate to a folder containing templates.


Select a capture direction.

Stitch count

Select a count of snapped images.

Burst count

Select a count of automatic capturing.


Select an ambience type.

After you configure the settings, tap

OK or Start Camera on the Camera Settings screen

to go back to the Camera screen.