UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

Page 99

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Exchanging Messages and Using Outlook

To add or delete contacts

To add a contact, tap Menu > Add a Contact, and then follow the instructions on the


To delete a contact, tap and hold the contact’s name, and then tap Delete Contact

from the shortcut menu.

To send an instant message

Tap the contact to whom you want to send a message.


Enter your message in the text entry area at the bottom of the screen, and tap



To quickly add common phrases, tap

Menu > My Text and select a phrase in the list.

To block or unblock contacts

To block a contact from seeing your status and sending you messages, tap and hold

the contact, and then tap

Block from the shortcut menu.

To unblock a contact, tap and hold the name of the blocked contact, and then tap

Unblock from the shortcut menu.

To check your own Messenger status

Tap and hold your own name at the top of the page. Your current status is indicated in

the displayed list by a bullet point.

To change your display name


Menu > Options > Messenger tab.


Enter the name you want to display to others in MSN Messenger.

To get more help about MSN Messenger

When in MSN Messenger, tap Start > Help.