Copy files to your device – UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Experiencing Multimedia



To play an item on a network

Use the

Open URL command to play a song or video that is stored on the Internet or on a

network server.


If you are not on the Playback screen, tap

OK to close the current screen and display

the Playback screen.



Menu > Open URL.


In the

URL box, enter a network address or in the History box, tap a URL that you

have previously used.


To play an item on a network, you must be connected to a network. For more information

about creating a remote connection between your device and a network, see

Connections Help on your device.

Copy files to your device

Use the latest version of the desktop Player (Windows Media Player 10 or later) to

synchronize digital media files to your device (instead of dragging a file from a folder on

your PC to a folder on your device, for example). Using the desktop Player ensures that

licenses are copied with protected files.
When synchronizing files, always synchronize the files to a storage card that is inserted

into your device. Do not synchronize to a storage card that is inserted into a storage card

reader. In addition, do not synchronize to the internal storage location (RAM) in your

device. For more information about synchronizing files to mobile devices, see desktop

Player Help on the PC.


Audio files copy faster if the desktop Player is configured to automatically set the quality

level for audio files copied to your device. For more information, see desktop Player Help

on the PC.