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Using Other Applications

9.2 Excel Mobile

Excel Mobile makes it easy for you to open and edit Excel workbooks and templates

created on your PC. You can also can create new workbooks and templates on your



Work in full-screen mode to see as much of your workbook as possible.


View > Zoom and select a percentage so that you can easily read the worksheet.

Unsupported features in Excel Mobile

Excel Mobile does not fully support some features such as formulas and cell comments.

Some data and formatting may be lost when you save the workbook on your device. Note

the following Excel Mobile formatting considerations:
Alignment. Horizontal, vertical, and wrap-text attributes remain the same, but vertical

text appears horizontal.

Borders. Appear as a single line.
Cell patterns. Patterns applied to cells are removed.
Fonts and font sizes. Fonts not supported by your device are mapped to the closest

font available. The original font is listed on your device. When the workbook is opened

in Excel on your PC again, the data is displayed in the original font.

Number formats. Numbers formatted using the Microsoft Excel 97 conditional

formatting feature are displayed in Number format.

Formulas and functions. If an Excel file contains a function that is not supported

by Excel Mobile, the function is removed, and only the returned value of the function

appears. The following formulas are also converted to values: formulas entered as

an array or containing an array argument, for example, =SUM({1;2;3;4}); formulas

containing external link references or an intersection range reference; and formulas

containing references past row 16384 are replaced with #REF!

Protection settings. Most worksheet and workbook protection features are disabled

but not removed. However, support for password protection has been removed.

Workbooks that are password-protected or workbooks in which one or more

worksheets are password-protected cannot be opened. You must remove the password

protection in Excel on the PC and then synchronize to open the file on the device.