3 receiving a call – UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Using Phone Features



To create a Speed Dial entry

On Phone keypad, tap

Menu > Speed Dial.



Menu > New.


Tap a contact. Tap the phone number for which you want to create a speed dial.


In the

Location box, select an available location for the new speed dial.


Location 1 is generally reserved for your voice mail, and Speed Dial will designate the

next available location by default. If you want to place a number in a position that is

already occupied, the new number will replace the number that is already there.


To create a Speed Dial entry from Contacts, tap and hold the contact name, tap

Add to

Speed Dial, and select an available location for the new Speed Dial.

To delete a Speed Dial, in the Speed Dial list, tap and hold the desired entry, and tap


3.3 Receiving a Call

To answer or reject an incoming call

When you receive a phone call, a message will appear, giving you an option to either

answer or ignore the incoming call.
To answer the call, tap Answer, or press TALK on your device.
To reject the call, tap Ignore, or press END on your device.

To end a call

Once an incoming or outgoing call is in progress, you can press END on your device or


End to hang up.