UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

Page 22

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Getting Started






Creates handwritten or typed notes, drawings, and recordings.


Makes and receives calls, switches between calls and sets up conference calling.

Pictures & Videos

Collects, organizes, and sorts picture and video files in the My

Pictures folder of your device or on a storage card.

Pocket MSN

Sends and receives instant messages with your MSN Messenger contacts.

PowerPoint Mobile

Lets you view and edit PowerPoint slides and presentations.


Enables you to search contacts, data, and other information on your device.


Keeps track of your tasks.

Text Messages Retry

Helps you resend the failed SMS messages. This program will

automatically launch and run in background when you turn on your device.

Windows Media

Enables the multimedia function on your device.

Comm Manager

Allows you to manage the wireless connection (including Phone,

Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi).

Wireless Modem

Enables your device as an external modem for a PC by using a

Bluetooth port, USB port, or infrared port.

Word Mobile

Creates new documents or lets you view and edit Word documents.