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Entering and Searching Information



2.4 Using Block Recognizer


Block Recognizer, you use a single stroke to write letters, numbers, symbols, and

punctuation, which are then converted into typed text.

To use Block Recognizer

In a program, tap the Input Selector arrow, and then tap

Block Recognizer.


Write characters, numbers, and symbols in the designated writing area.
Enter letters by writing in the abc (left) area of the box.
Enter numbers by writing in the 123 (right) area of the box.
Enter symbols and punctuation by tapping in either area of the box and then writing

the desired character.


Letter Recognizer and Block Recognizer are available when text entry is possible.


For help with writing characters with

Letter Recognizer and Block Recognizer, tap the

question mark near the writing area.

2.5 Using Transcriber

Transcriber is a handwriting recognition program that allows you to write in cursive, print,

or a combination of both. Transcriber works transparently in the background of programs,

recognizing words with its integrated dictionary. When Transcriber is turned on, it interprets

stylus movement anywhere on the screen as handwriting input. For more information

about using Transcriber, see Help on your device.

To start Transcriber

Start a program that accepts user input, such as Word Mobile.


Tap the Input Selector arrow, and then tap

Transcriber. The Transcriber introductory

screen appears.