Use the tools menu – UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Experiencing Multimedia



Use the Tools menu

The Tools menu on the Camera Settings screen provides the

following advanced options for configuring and customizing the

Camera mode functions.

The Adjust item


Tools > Adjust to adjust the camera display properties, such as Contrast, Brightness,

Saturation, Hue, and Sharpness. Select one of these properties from the list and move

the slider (or tap the slider) to change the value. The preview window on the Adjust

screen displays the effect of changes you make on the Adjust screen. Tap

OK to save the



You can tap

Reset at any time to reset all properties to their default.

The Options item


Tools > Options to display the Options screen with the following three tabs:

General tab. This field includes the following options:

Disable shutter sound

. Select this check box to disable all default sounds played

while capturing a still image or recording a video clip.

Keep backlight on while in viewfinder

. Select this check box to ensure that the

backlight remains turned on while you view the incoming video stream, overriding

your device backlight settings.

Review after capture

. Select this check box to display the captured image

immediately after you take a picture. The Review screen provides options for

performing various operations on the new file. Clearing this check box saves any

newly captured file using the default file name, and returns to the Camera screen.