4 synchronizing music, video, and pictures – UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Synchronizing Information and Setting Up E-mail Security

To synchronize with a PC via Bluetooth

Follow the instructions in ActiveSync Help on the PC for configuring Bluetooth on your

PC to support ActiveSync.


On the device, tap

Start > Programs > ActiveSync.



Menu > Connect via Bluetooth. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on at the

device and the PC, and that they are within close range.


If this is the first time you have connected to this PC via Bluetooth, you must first

complete the Bluetooth wizard on the device and set up a Bluetooth partnership

between your device and the PC.

For more information about enabling and configuring Bluetooth, see Chapter 6.


You can also use the Sync Setup Wizard to set up the device to synchronize remotely

with Exchange Server. This wizard is started when you connect your mobile device to

your PC after installing ActiveSync on the PC.

4.4 Synchronizing Music, Video, and Pictures

If you want to carry your music or other digital media with you along while you travel,

ActiveSync works with Windows Media Player to synchronize music, video, and pictures

with your device.
Other than selecting the Media information type in ActiveSync to be synchronized, all

media synchronization settings must be set in Windows Media Player. Before media can

be synchronized:
Install Windows Media Player Version 10 on the PC.
Connect your device to the PC with a USB cable. If the device is currently connected

using Bluetooth or infrared, you must end that connection before media can be


Insert a storage card into your device (32MB or larger is recommended).
Set up a sync partnership between the storage card and Windows Media Player.