1 getting to know your device and its accessories, 1 using the phone – UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Using Phone Features

3.1 Using the Phone

Like a standard mobile phone, you can use your Pocket PC Phone to make, receive, and

keep track of calls and send SMS messages. You can also take notes while talking, and

dial directly from Contacts.

The Phone screen

From the Phone screen, you can access Call History, Speed Dial, and Phone settings. To

open the Phone screen:
Use the stylus and tap Start > Phone.
- or -
Press TALK on the device.
- or -
Directly dial the phone number by pressing numeric keys on the hardware keyboard.

Turn on/off flight mode

In many countries you are required by law to turn off your phone on board an aircraft.

Turning off the power doesn’t turn off the phone. You must enable flight mode in order to

turn off the phone.
You can turn on flight mode and still keep your device turned on and use other functions.
Tap the Signal icon ( ), and tap Turn on flight mode to turn the phone off.
To resume call function, disable flight mode by tapping Turn off flight mode.