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Exchanging Messages and Using Outlook



7.2 Pocket MSN Messenger

MSN Messenger delivers the features of MSN Messenger to your mobile device. With

Pocket MSN Messenger you can:
Send and receive instant messages.
See which contacts are online or offline.
Subscribe to status updates for selected contacts so you know when they come online.
Block contacts from seeing your status or sending you messages.
Before you can use MSN Messenger, your device must be connected to the Internet. For

information about setting up an Internet connection, see “Connecting to the Internet” in

Chapter 6, “Getting Connected.”


You must have either a Microsoft .NET Passport or Hotmail account to use MSN

Messenger. If you have a Hotmail.com or MSN.com e-mail address, you already have a

Passport. To get a Passport account, go to


. To get a Hotmail

account, go to

http://www. hotmail.com


To start MSN Messenger


Start > Programs > Pocket MSN.



MSN Messenger.

To sign in or out

To sign in, tap anywhere on the MSN Messenger screen.

Enter the e-mail address and password for your Passport

or Hotmail account, and then tap

Sign In. Signing in may

take several minutes, depending on your connection


To sign out, tap Menu > Sign Out. Your status changes to