Make a call from contacts, Make a call from call history, Make a call from speed dial – UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Using Phone Features

Make a call from Contacts

Tap Start > Contacts.
Tap the desired contact, and press TALK twice (once to send the number to the Phone

keypad, and once to dial the number).

You can also tap the desired contact in the contacts list, and tap the phone number that

you want to call. Or, tap and hold the desired contact, and on the shortcut menu, tap

Call Work, Call Home, or Call Mobile.

To specify the number to dial

By default, the mobile telephone number for that contact is dialed when you make a call

from Contacts. However, you can specify that a different phone number is used instead.



Start > Contacts.


Press NAVIGATION up or down to select the contact.


Press NAVIGATION left or right. The letters representing the number will change as

you scroll through them.

Make a call from Call History


On Phone keypad, tap

Call History.



Menu > Filter and tap a category.


Scroll to the desired contact or phone number, and tap


Make a call from Speed Dial

Use Speed Dial to call frequently-used numbers with a single tap. For example, if you

assign a contact to the Location

2 in Speed Dial, you can simply tap and hold 2 on Phone

screen to dial the contact’s number. The number must already exist in Contacts before you

can create a Speed Dial entry.