4 in-call options – UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Using Phone Features

3.4 In-Call Options

To put a call on hold

Your device notifies you when you have another incoming call, and gives you the choice of

rejecting or accepting the call. If you are already on a call and accept the new call, you can

choose to switch between the two callers, or set up a conference call between all three




Answer to take the second call, and put the first one on hold.


To end the second call and return to the first call, tap

END or press END on your


To switch between two calls

Tap Answer, or press TALK.

To turn on or off the speakerphone

The built-in speakerphone on your device allows you to talk hands-free or lets other

people listen to the conversation.
During a call, tap Speaker On, or press TALK until the speakerphone turns on. The

speakerphone icon (

) appears in the title bar.

To turn off the speakerphone, tap Speaker Off, or press TALK again until the

speakerphone turns off.


To avoid damage to your hearing, do not hold your device against your ear when the

speakerphone is turned on.

To mute a call

You can turn off the microphone during a call, so that you can hear the caller but the caller

cannot hear you.
During a call, tap Mute.
When the microphone is turned off, the mute icon (

) appears on the screen. Tap

Unmute to turn on the microphone again.