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Getting Connected



6.6 Using Terminal Services Client

Terminal Services Client allows you to log on to a PC running Terminal Services or

Remote Desktop, and use all the resources available on that PC. For example, instead of

running Word Mobile on your device, you can run the PC version of Word and access the

*.doc files available on that PC.

Connect to a Terminal Server


On your device, tap

Start > Programs > Terminal Services Client.


Enter the server name.


You can also select a server name in

Recent servers if you have recently connected

to a server.


Select the

Limit size of server desktop to fit on this screen check box if you want to

use programs that have been specifically sized for use with your device.




The next time the device is turned on, you will be prompted to enter your password.

Navigate within Terminal Services Client

When connected to a remote server, you may notice that your device screen is displaying

more than one horizontal and vertical scroll bar. Use these scroll bars to either scroll

the contents on the PC, or to scroll the PC display through the Terminal Services Client

window. To make sure you are scrolling the PC display through Terminal Services Client,

use the five directional buttons at the bottom of the Terminal Services Client window. To

better fit information on your device screen, select the Limit size of server desktop to fit

on this screen check box. For best results, the programs on your desktop PC should be