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Page 113: Use zooming

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Experiencing Multimedia

Use Video capture modes

While using the Video capture mode, you can press CAMERA on the device or ENTER

on the NAVIGATION control to start recording a video clip (with audio if desired). To stop

recording, press CAMERA or ENTER again. Your device displays the first frame of the

captured video clip by default on the Review screen.
Before you capture a video clip, you can specify the recording limit in terms of time and

file size on the Camera Settings screen so that the recording stops automatically when the

clip size reaches that limit.
You can set the capture format to either Motion-JPEG AVI or MPEG-4 on the Camera

Settings screen.

Use the Review screen

To access the icons on the Review mode screen

In Camera mode, tap

Tools > Options > General tab.


Select the

Review after capture check box.

Note that this check box is selected by default to allow you to review the image or video

clip after it has been captured.

Use zooming

While capturing a still image or a video clip by using the camera, you can zoom in to

make the object in focus move closer, and you can zoom out to make the object move

farther away. In all capture modes, use NAVIGATION on your device, or tap the triangular

Up arrow next to the Zoom Ratio indicator, to zoom in a still image or an incoming video

stream. When the zooming limit is reached, you will hear a beep. To zoom out, press

NAVIGATION down, or tap the Down arrow. The camera zoom range for a picture or a

video clip depends on the capture mode and capture size. Following is a summary.