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Synchronizing Information and Setting Up E-mail Security



4.1 Using ActiveSync


ActiveSync 4.x or greater synchronizes information on your device with information

on your PC, such as Outlook content. ActiveSync can also synchronize over a wireless or

cellular network with Microsoft Exchange Server, if your company or service provider is

running Microsoft Exchange Server with Exchange ActiveSync. When you synchronize,

ActiveSync compares the information on your device with the information on your PC and/

or Exchange Server and updates all locations with the most recent information.
With ActiveSync, you can:
Synchronize information, such as Outlook E-mail, Contacts, Calendar, or Tasks

information on your device with your PC, as well as pictures, video, and music.

Synchronize Outlook E-mail, Contacts, Calendar appointments, and Tasks on your

device directly with Exchange Server so that you can stay up to date even when your

PC is turned off.

Exchange files between your device and your PC without synchronizing.
Select which types of information are synchronized and specify how much information

is synchronized. For example, you can choose how many weeks of past Calendar

appointments to synchronize.

Before you can synchronize information with a PC, you must first install ActiveSync on

your PC and create a synchronization relationship between your device and the PC.

You can install ActiveSync from the Getting Started disc that comes with your device.

ActiveSync is already installed on your device.
Once you have installed ActiveSync and set up a synchronization relationship, ActiveSync

on the PC recognizes your device when you connect it, and automatically transfers the

synchronization settings you specified on your device.
You may be able to synchronize your device with Exchange Server through your company

or wireless service provider. If you plan to do so, obtain the name of the Exchange Server,

your user name, password, and domain name from your administrator before starting the

Sync Setup Wizard.