UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Synchronizing Information and Setting Up E-mail Security

You can set up your device to synchronize with more than one PC or with a combination

of one or more PCs and Exchange Server. When synchronizing with multiple computers,

the items that you synchronize will appear on all of the computers with which they are

synchronized. For example, if you have set up synchronization with two PCs (PC1 and

PC2), which have different items, and you synchronize Contacts and Calendar on the

device with both computers, the result is as follows:


New state


All Outlook contacts and calendar appointments that were on PC2

are now also on PC1.


All Outlook contacts and calendar appointments that were on PC1

are now also on PC2.


All Outlook contacts and calendar appointments from both PC1 and

PC2 are on the device.


Outlook e-mail can be synchronized with only one computer.

To start and stop synchronization

To synchronize Outlook information and other local information on the PC, including

media files, connect your device to the PC using Bluetooth, infrared (IR) or a cable or


If you are synchronizing directly with Exchange Server, you can use this connection to

the PC to “pass through” to the network, or you can synchronize without connecting to

the PC over a cellular or Wi-Fi network.

In ActiveSync, tap Sync. To end synchronization before it completes, tap Stop.

To change which information is synchronized

In ActiveSync on the device, tap

Menu > Options.


Do one or both of the following: