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Entering and Searching Information



2.6 Using Phone Pad

Phone Pad provides a flexible, alternate method for entering information. Using Phone

Pad, you can easily switch between three input modes:

T9, Multi-Tap, and Numeric,

including a list of symbols for greater convenience.

To start Phone Pad

Start a program that accepts user input, such as Word Mobile.


Tap the Input Selector arrow, and then tap

Phone Pad.


Phone Pad can be started at any time, except when your device is in Camera mode or

displaying the Today screen.

Use T9 input mode

By default, the device Phone Pad is in

T9 mode. It is the easiest and most convenient way

to enter text in English because it has the capability to enter text in alphanumeric format.

As you tap alphanumeric keys on the keypad, T9 tries to automatically match the letters

you have selected with the most likely completed word.