UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Managing Your Pocket PC Phone




If you have previously inserted more than one storage card, tap the list box and then the

storage card whose information you want to see.

To free up program memory

Try the following to free memory on your device:
Close programs you are not currently using.
Move e-mail attachments to a storage card.
Move files to a storage card. Tap Start > Programs > File Explorer. Tap and hold the

file, and then tap

Cut. Browse to the storage card folder and tap Edit > Paste.

Delete unnecessary files. Tap Start > Programs > File Explorer. Tap and hold the file,

and then tap


Delete large files. To find your largest files, tap Start > Programs > Search. In the

Type list, tap Larger than 64 KB, and then tap Search.

In Internet Explorer Mobile, delete temporary Internet files and clear history information.

For more information, see “Internet Explorer Mobile” in Chapter 6.

Remove programs you no longer use.
Reset your device.

To close a program

In most cases, programs automatically close to free needed memory, however, you can

close programs manually, if you prefer.



Start > Settings > System tab > Memory > Running Programs tab.


In the

Running Programs list, tap the program you want to close, and then tap Stop.


In most programs, you can also use the keyboard shortcut

CTRL+Q to close the