Use multi-tap input mode, Use numeric input mode – UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Entering and Searching Information

You can do the following by using the T9 input mode:
To enter a word, tap the keys on the keypad.
To insert a word in the current program screen:


Tap any word in the wordlist (directly above the keypad).


Tap .


Select a word, and then tap

to insert the word.

To enter a number, do any of the following:

Tap and hold on the desired number key on the keypad.
Select the numeric mode, and tap the number.

To insert a space or tab, tap .
To scroll through the wordlist, tap or .
To enter a capital letter, tap


To add symbols, do any of the following:


to display the most frequently used symbols on the wordlist.


to choose a symbol from the entire list.

Use Multi-Tap input mode

Multi-Tap input mode is an alphabetic mode that allows you to manually enter individual

letters to form words.

Use Numeric input mode

Numeric input mode allows you to enter a number each time you tap a number key. You
can compile several numbers on the wordlist, and then tap

to insert the numbers at

the current cursor position on the screen.