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Synchronizing Information and Setting Up E-mail Security

Schedule synchronization with Exchange Server

You can schedule information to be synchronized automatically between your device

and the Exchange Server, or schedule synchronization at regular time intervals. Choose

between these two methods, depending on your e-mail volume and which method you

think is more cost-effective.

To receive e-mails and synchronize other information instantly


Direct Push technology (Push E-Mail feature) enables you to receive new e-mails

on your device as soon as they arrive in your Inbox on the Exchange Server. With this

feature, items such as contacts, calendar and tasks are also immediately updated onto

your device when these items have been changed or new entries have been added on the

Exchange Server. To make Direct Push work, you need to have a 1XRTT or EVDO dial-up

connection on your device.
The Direct Push feature works for your device, if your private network such as your

corporate network is using Microsoft Exchange Server Service Pack 2 (SP2) with

Exchange ActiveSync, and after your first full synchronization with the Exchange Server.
• Using Comm Manager


On the Today screen, tap

Start > Programs > Comm Manager.


On the Comm Manager screen, tap the Microsoft Direct Push button. The button

will turn to

, this indicates that you will receive e-mails as they arrive.

When the button is in the

state, you need to manually retrieve your e-mails.

• Using ActiveSync


In ActiveSync on your device, tap

Menu > Schedule.



As items arrive in the Peak times and Off-peak times boxes.