1 getting to know your device and its accessories, 1 introduction – UTStarcom PPC-6700 User Manual

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Entering and Searching Information



2.1 Introduction

When you start a program or select a field that requires text or numbers, Input Panel

automatically becomes available. Input Panel provides access to the various input

methods available on your device, including

Block Recognizer, Keyboard, Letter

Recognizer, Phone Pad, and Transcriber. By default, the Input Panel icon appears on

the menu bar to indicate which input method is currently selected. The Input Selector

arrow (shown at the right side of the Input Panel icon) opens a list of available input



To show or hide Input Panel

Tap the Input Panel icon on the menu bar.

On-screen Keyboard
Input Selector arrow
Input Panel icon


Input method

The on-screen keyboard.

Letter Recognizer or Block Recognizer.

Phone Pad