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Publication 2098-IN005C-EN-P — March 2008


Troubleshooting Your Ultra3000 Servo Drive

General Troubleshooting

Refer to the Error Codes section below to identify problems, potential
causes, and appropriate actions to resolve the problems. If problems
persist after attempting to troubleshoot the system, please contact
your Rockwell Automation sales representative for further assistance.

Determine Ultra3000 Drive Status

Error Codes

The following list of problematic symptoms (no error code shown)
and problems with assigned error codes is designed to help you
resolve anomalies.

When a fault is detected, the seven-segment status indicator will
display E followed by the flashing of the two-digit error code, one
digit at a time. This is repeated until the problem is cleared.

Seven-segment Status Indicator Error Codes

Ultra3000 Drives with the

Logic Power Status Indicator ON

Status Indicator


2098-DSD-xxx, 2098-DSD-xxxX,
2098-DSD-HVxxx, or 2098-DSD-HVxxxX

Actively cycling segments in a full circle

Your Ultra3000 drive is ready.

2098-DSD-xxx-DN, 2098-DSD-xxxX-DN,
2098-DSD-HVxxx-DN, 2098-DSD-HVxxxX-DN

Your Ultra3000 drive is ready.

2098-DSD-xxx-SE or 2098-DSD-HVxxx-SE

Displaying a fixed 4

Your Ultra3000 drive is ready.

All Ultra3000 drives

Flashing E followed by two numbers

Your Ultra3000 drive has an error. Proceed to
the section Error Codes below.

Flashing L

Your Ultra3000 drive is in an Overtravel
condition and motion restrictions are in effect.



Problem or Symptom

Possible Cause


Power (PWR) indicator not ON

No ac power or auxiliary logic power.

Verify ac power or auxiliary +5V logic
power is applied to the Ultra3000.

Internal power supply malfunction.

Call your Allen-Bradley representative.

Power (PWR) indicator is ON, but
seven-segment status indicator is OFF.

Note: This only applies to Ultra3000
models 2098-DSD-005, 2098-DSD-010, and

Externally applied +5V auxiliary power
supply voltage is too low.

Verify that the external +5V auxiliary power
supply (as measured at the drive terminals)
reads between 5.10V and 5.25V.

Motor jumps when first enabled

Motor wiring error.

Check motor wiring.

Incorrect motor chosen.

Verify the proper motor is selected.

Digital I/O not working correctly

I/O power supply disconnected.

Verify connections and I/O power source.


Non-Volatile Memory Endurance Exceeded

Range of motion and number of home
position definitions during the product life
exceeds the maximum allowed (applies
only to systems with absolute feedback).

This is an unrecoverable fault, the drive
must be sent back to the factory.

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