John Deere 318 User Manual

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20. Inspect differential case and cover for wear, cracks
or damage. Replace case and/or cover if necessary.

Inspect case and cover bearing surfaces of output shaft
(A), intermediate shaft (B) and countershaft (C) for wear,
cracks or damage.

Inspect depth of oil grooves (D) in case and cover. If
depth of grooves are less than 0.25 mm (0.010 in.),
replace case and/or cover.

Inspect reinforcement ribs (E). If ribs protrude above
wear surface, file or grind flush.

Inspect bearing races (F) for wear. If bearing race is
worn away, replace bearings.

A—Output Shaft Bearing Surface
B—Intermediate Shaft Bearing Surface
C—Countershaft Bearing Surface
D—Oil Grooves
E—Reinforcement Ribs
F—Bearing Races

Differential Case Shown




21. Inspect output shaft bearings (A), intermediate shaft
bearings (B) and countershaft bearings (C) in case (D)
and cover (E) for wear, damage or corrosion.

Check that bearings turn freely.

Inspect case and cover for cracks.

Inspect axle shaft seals (F) in case and cover.

Two-Speed with differential lock; inspect shift rod seals
for wear or damage.

A—Output Shaft Bearings
B—Intermediate Shaft Bearings
C—Countershaft Bearings
D—Differential Case
E—Differential Cover
F—Axle Shaft Seals




MX,15905015,13 -19-23FEB95

MX,15905015,14 -19-23FEB95

Differential/Disassemble and Inspect

TM1590 (17MAY95)


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