John Deere 318 User Manual

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IMPORTANT: Tape end of input shaft to prevent seal

damage during shaft installation.

26. Apply tape around end of input shaft.

27. Assemble input shaft assembly and cap (B). Remove

NOTE: Flat sides of cap must align with flat sides of

gear case. Gear case mounting surface must be
flat to install gear case on mower deck.

28. Install shims (D). Align marks made during
disassembly and install input shaft assembly into gear
case (C).

29. Install four cap screws and lock plates (A) and
tighten to 30 N·m (22 lb-ft).

30. Hold output shaft securely and check input shaft
backlash. Backlash should be within 0.076—0.130 mm
(0.003—0.005 in.). If necessary, remove cap and input
shaft assembly and add or remove shims (D) as needed.

31. Again, remove four cap screws and lock plates (A)
and cap and input shaft assembly.

Input Shaft Side

32. Clean mating surfaces of cap, shims and gear case
using Clean and Cure Primer. Apply a bead of
Form-In-Place Gasket, or an equivalant, between inside

A—Cap Screw and Lock Plate (4 used)

edge of top shim and lip on cap (B).

C—Gear Case
D—Shims (as required)

33. Align and install cap and input shaft assembly into


gear case. Install four cap screws and lock plates (A)

F—Bearing Cup

and tighten to 30 N·m (22 lb-ft). Bend lock plates up

G—Bearing Cone

around cap screws.

H—Input Shaft
I—Spring Pin
J—Bevel Gear
K—Bearing Cone




34. AFTER installing gear case on mower deck, fill gear
case to proper level with John Deere API GL-5 Gear Oil.

35. Install plugs (A and B).




MX,15908015,40 -19-13MAR95

MX,15908015,18 -19-22FEB95

Mower Gear Case Repair/Early 60-Inch Mower (Curtis)

TM1590 (17MAY95)


316, 318 & 420 Lawn and Garden Tractors





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