Introduction – John Deere 318 User Manual

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This manual is written for an experienced technician.
Essential tools required in performing certain service
work are identified in this manual and are
recommended for use.

Live with safety: Read the safety messages in the
introduction of this manual and the cautions
presented throughout the text of the manual.


This is the safety-alert symbol. When you see
this symbol on the machine or in this manual,
be alert to the potential for personal injury.

Technical manuals are divided in two parts: repair
and diagnostics. Repair sections tell how to repair the
components. Diagnostic sections help you identify the
majority of routine failures quickly.

Information is organized in groups for the various
components requiring service instruction. At the
beginning of each group are summary listings of all
applicable essential tools, other materials needed to
do the job and service parts kits.

Section 10, Group 15—Repair Specifications, consist
of all applicable specifications, near tolerances and
specific torque values for various components on
each individual machine.

Section 10, Group 20—Test and Adjustment
Specifications, consist of all applicable test and
adjustment specifications for various systems for each
individual machine.

Binders, binder labels, and tab sets can be ordered
by John Deere dealers direct from the John Deere
Distribution Service Center.

This manual is part of a total product support




Fundamentals of Service (FOS) Manuals cover basic
theory of operation, fundamentals of troubleshooting,
general maintenance, and basic type of failures and
their causes. FOS Manuals are for training new
personnel and for reference by experienced

Technical Manuals are concise guides for specific
machines. Technical manuals are on-the-job guides
containing only the vital information needed for
diagnosis, analysis, testing, and repair.

Component Technical Manuals are concise service
guides for specific components. Component technical
manuals are written as stand-alone manuals covering
multiple machine applications.

MX,1590,IFC -19-09DEC94


TM1590 (17MAY95)

316, 318 & 420 Lawn and Garden Tractors


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