John Deere 318 User Manual

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12. Use a floor jack to support transmission and place
jack stands under tractor frame.

NOTE: Early models have two bolts (A) attaching

differential to frame support bracket (C). Later
models have one shoulder bolt (A) or one bolt
with a washer and spacer.

13. Remove two bolts or shoulder bolt (A) or bolt,
washer and spacer.

14. Disconnect suction hose (B) from transmission. Close
all openings using caps and plugs.

Early Models

15. Disconnect all other mounting bolts, hoses and
clamps needed to remove the transmission and

IMPORTANT: It is recommended to replace the early

model differential frame support
bracket (C) with the later configuration
(D). The early models attached the
differential to the frame support bracket
with two bolts (A). One in the
differential case and the other in the
differential cover. When the machine

Later Models

went over rough terrain, the flexing of
the cover and case caused the
differential gasket to leak. With the later


model frame support bracket installed,

B—Suction Hose

the slotted hole and single shoulder

C—Frame Support Bracket (Early Models)

bolt (A) (attached to the case only) will

D—Frame Support Bracket (Later Models)

allow for flexing, eliminating any
possible leaks.

16. Early models; Remove differential frame support
bracket (C).







MX,15905005,16 -19-23FEB95

Transmission/Remove Transmission

TM1590 (17MAY95)


316, 318 & 420 Lawn and Garden Tractors





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