John Deere 318 User Manual

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25. Install new bearing cups (K and J), if removed, into
housing (L) using a driver set.

26. Install output shaft assembly (I) into housing (L).

27. Slide bearing cone (H) on shaft with small O.D.
facing toward housing (L).

28. Install tabbed washer (G) and toothed washer (E).
Press internal tab on toothed washer (E) into slot on
shaft using a screwdriver.

29. Install lock nut (F). Tighten lock nut, using a punch
and hammer, until there is zero endplay in output shaft.
Bend up one tab from toothed washer (E), that is in
alignment with a slot in lock nut (F), to secure nut in

IMPORTANT: Tape end of output shaft to prevent

seal damage during shaft installation.

30. Apply tape around end of output shaft.

31. Apply multipurpose grease to lip of seal.

32. Press new seal (D) into housing (L) until seal is flush
with top of housing. Remove tape.

Output Shaft Side

33. Install shims (C) on housing (L).

A—Cap Screw (4 used)

34. Install output shaft assembly and housing into gear

B—Gear Case

case (B).

C—Shims (as required)
E—Toothed Washer

35. Install four cap screws (A) and tighten to 30 N·m (22

F—Lock Nut


G—Tabbed Washer
H—Bearing Cone

36. Hold input shaft securely and check output shaft

I—Output Shaft Assembly
J—Bearing Cup

backlash. Backlash should be within 0.076—0.130 mm

K—Bearing Cup

(0.003—0.005 in.). If necessary, remove four cap screws


(A) and housing and output shaft assembly and add or
remove shims (C) as needed.

37. Again, remove four cap screws (A) and housing and
output shaft assembly.

38. Clean mating surfaces of housing, shims and gear
case using Clean and Cure Primer. Apply a bead of
Form-In-Place Gasket, or an equivalant, between inside
edge of top shim and flange on housing (L).

39. Install housing and output shaft assembly into gear
case. Install four cap screws (A) and tighten to 30 N·m
(22 lb-ft).




MX,15908015,37 -19-13MAR95

Mower Gear Case Repair/260 Rotary Mower

TM1590 (17MAY95)


316, 318 & 420 Lawn and Garden Tractors





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