Basic flash modes, A mode/m mode), Basic flash modes (a mode/m mode) – Sony HVL-MT24AM User Manual

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Basic flash modes (A mode/M mode)

Camera’s exposure mode should be set to either A (aperture priority) mode*


, or M

(manual) mode*



 In general close-up photography, the depth-of-field*


must be quite shallow,

which usually requires a smaller aperture when shooting. It is therefore better to

select A or M mode, which enable you to select the aperture.

Using a macro lens is also recommended.

In this section, the basic flash operation in A or M mode with TTL metering (TTL

lamp on) is described.

The following instructions from the next page assume that you are using one of

the following cameras and macro lenses.

Camera: A camera with A (aperture priority) mode or M (manual) mode.


50mm F2.8 Macro

100mm F2.8 Macro

If you photograph in P mode, refer to page 30. If using a different lens, see the

aperture range graph on page 54.



A mode:

In A mode, you select the aperture and the camera

automatically sets the shutter speed required for proper




M mode:

You can select both aperture and shutter speed. You can select a

shutter speed that is slower than the camera’s sync speed.



Depth-of-field: The range behind and in front of the subject that is sharply

focused. In close-up photography, this range is shallower and

the out-of-focus range is wider.